FScene, from Just Flight - Oh my lord!

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Oh my lord !

Once in a while an add-on comes along that really makes you think, "wow this is what the next Flight Simulator is going to look like, or feature" (if Microsoft have any sense).

FScene is one of those add-ons it is spectacular, for all the right reasons. I have become quite disillusioned by most Scenery add-ons, as I think the developers are going too far with the detail often leading to very poor frame rate performance when flying through their add-on sceneries.

FScene is a texture replacement set for the FS2004 (or 2002) defult textures. So it enhances the standard scenery at areas where you do NOT have add-on scenery installed.

Many reviews describe the enhancement as "subtle" and this is even stated on the DVD case of the product. Let me tell you that in most areas, there is nothing subtle about what FScene does. It is spectacular. I installed and took off in a C172R at my local airport of EGNT, for which I have no add-on scenery - none is available for Newcastle in FS9, payware or freeware Sad

The difference took my breath away. Here are the main enhancements that FScene makes to the Europe and Africa region (Volume 1):-

- Colours are far more vivid and realistic.
- Roads and markings are much more clear.
- The default scenery becomes MUCH more 3D looking, which is a huge improvement.
- Heres the best bit ...... my Frame Rates were BETTER with FScene installed and my PC's rendering speed of the textures was considerably FASTER than with the default scenery.

This is an awesome result for the money when you consider it. This is the best thing I have done to my FS set-up since buying a yoke.

10/10 Just Flight and Ruud Faber (the developer) - this really is awesome, thank you so much !!

You can check out FScene at https://www.simshack.net/products/fscene-4x-total-pack-all-seasons-328 but be warned, the screen pictures do not even come close to doing the new textures justice as to how good they look and perform once in the sim 😀

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Cool - Thanks for that bit of information. If it's no trouble, could you please post a few pics? Embarassed If it's too much trouble, just forget about it.. 😀

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

This looks something else to buy for the November shopping list. If not then I just have to hope that santa gets me a copy.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Sounds and looks good,but for all year round flying you need all seasons and at 55 euros each (about £38.00) it works out a tad expensive Crying or Very sad

Ermm... Im looking at two differant products here 😕 Just Flight has FsScene1 and Simmarket has Fsscene world 😕

Im guessing you have the Just Flight version

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TTT - They are the same product, from developer Ruud Faber, the version I have (which is split into 3 regions) is the boxed DVD version 😀 , you can get each version at www.play.com for £24, so £72 for the whole world.

FScene World is one of the download versions of the same product, available at Simmarket or direct from Ruud's site at https://www.simshack.net/products/fscene-4x-total-pack-all-seasons-328

£72 seems a lot of money but I can't underestimate how much this transforms FS2004 .... I flew to Africa last night (EGLL - Nairobi) and the african desert scenery (default) took my breath away - it just doesn't compare to the default FS2004 textures.

I only have Vol 1 (Europe and Africa) at the moment so I can't comment on Vol 2 (The Americas) and Vol 3 (Asia and Oceania) but I'm sure they'll be as good.

I picked up FS Global SE at the same time as FScene and what a combination !! You should see Mount Kilimanjaro now !!

I've added Vol 2 and Vol 3 to Santa's list - I hope he's feeling generous 😉

Crosscheck - Sorry buddy, my FS PC is off-line and I've loaned my Memory Stick out to a friend in need so can't move the pics from my FS PC over to this (Internet) PC Embarassed

Will get some pics up soon though.

🙂 Surprised 😀 😂

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