Uninstalling Old Scenery and Lockheed

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I'm trying to uninstall Bacolod scenery and a Lockheed via Add/Remove Programs, but when I select "remove" for both addons, a box comes up saying "Are you sure you want to uninstall Veneaviones Cessna Citation II?", but I don't want to uninstall the Cessna. Could someone help me with this?

Also, when a young family member came for a visit a while ago, he insisted on installing Maxis' "THE SIMS" series. When I tryto uninstall this software, I cannot because I do not have THE SIM'S disk. Is there anyway to bypass this?

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The add/remove programs will only remove programs, not add ons. As far as aircraft goes they are easy to remove. Just delete the folder from the aircraft directory. If they used any special gauges they will remain in the gauge folder but that won't hurt anything. Scenery should delete the same way.

I have had software I didn't have the disk to uninstall them, but usually you can get them off your computer by simply deleting the files and folders. Sometimes you can just delete the base folder and sometimes you have to delete the sub folders before you can delete the base folder. This could leave something in your registry that isn't needed but if you have a registry cleaner program it should remove it.

If you aren't needing the hard drive space I would just leave it on until you could get the disk to uninstall it.

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