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Are FS 2002aircraft and scenery compatible with FS 2004? If so, how do you install them?

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You should be able to install by unzipping to a temporary folder, and copy the files contained in those folders to the folders of the same name in fs9. So the folder(s) contained in the aircraft folder would go in the fs9 aircraft folder. Any files that are included in a gauge folder, should be copied to the fs9 gauge folder, etc...
Hope this helps.

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Most of the FS2002 aircraft are indeed compatible with FS2004. All you can do is install and try 😉

Scenery is more of a problem, and less likely to be compatible - but give it a go anyaway, and it might work. It's all about trial and error 🙂

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In Fs 2004 I have noticed that there are a number of main folders for "Guages", "Sound" and "Texture". In addition there is a folder for "Aircraft". This folder contains sub-folders for each of the aircraft to be found in FS 2004. i.e. those aircraft that can be loaded in the programs "Create a Flight". Under each named aircraft folder are yet more sub-folders named as "Model", "Panel", "Sound", "Texture" and yet more named as "texture1, "texture2", "texture3" etc.

The aircraft that I want to add to the list of aircraft in FS 2004 is the "Hawker Hurricane" that was flown by Douglas Bader, the legless pilot of WWII fame.

The downloaded un-zipped files are:-

FS2002 Parts>Panel>panel.cfg
Fs2002 Parts>Sound>sound.cfg

Hur'LED'> Model> hur'led'.mdl
Hur'LED'>Model> model.cfg

I tried copyng all the above into a sub-folder that I named as Hurricane in the FS 2004 "Aircraft" folder but "Hurricane did not show in the list of available aircraft in the "Create a Flight" part of FS 2004.

What am I doing wrong. Help!

The instruction supplied with the download state:-

Extract the contents of the zip to a temporary folder on the desktop and discard the folder labelled Hurricane ‘LED’AI which is only for CFS2.

Overwrite the Aircraft CFG, panel and sounds in the remaining ‘LED’ folder with the contents of the FS2002 parts folder and then place the ‘LED’ folder into the FS2002 aircraft folder and its ready to fly.

The panel & sounds default to the stock Corsair panel but as for all FS/CFS aircraft you may change/alias or substitute the files if required (eg use the Cessna’s ), see the major sites for tutorials>

I am of course trying to load the "Huricane" into FS 2004.

Can anyone help?

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Found this on another board:

Microsoft has stated that all add-on aircraft designed under FS2002 specifications will be fully FS2004-compatible.
How to import aircraft and aircraft gauges (add-on and default) from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 into the new Flight Simulator 2004?

To import an aircraft and aircraft gauges from Flight Simulator 2002 into Flight Simulator 2004, follow these steps.

Note Flight Simulator 2002 and Flight Simulator 2004 contain gauge files that have the same file names. Do not overwrite the existing Flight Simulator 2004 gauge files with earlier versions of the gauge files. Start Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Locate and then open the Aircraft folder of the Flight Simulator 2002 installation. By default, the Aircraft folder is in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2002\Aircraft
Drag the aircraft files that you want to import to the Aircraft folder of the Flight Simulator 2004 installation. By default, the Aircraft folder is in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2004\Aircraft
Locate and then open the Gauges folder of the Flight Simulator 2002 installation. By default, the Gauges folder is in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2002\Gauges
Drag the gauge files that you want to import to the Gauges folder of the Flight Simulator 2004 installation. (For example, for the Concorde, drag the Concorde.GAU file.) By default, the Gauges folder is in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2004\Gauges
Note When you drag the gauge files, click No if you are prompted to confirm replacing the file.

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