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Just bought FS2004 and although I found a PA28 Aircraft Folder - the PA28 doesn't appear in the aircraft selection??

Does anyone know where I can get a good PA28 aircraft fro FS2004?



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You can use most FS2002 aircraft in FS2004. Finding a FS2002 PA-28 and placing it in FS2004 is your best bet at the moment. I'm sure people will start developing FS2004 versions soon, you just have to wait 🙂

A great FS2002 PA-28 that is sure to work in FS2004 would be this one:

It is basically a replacement of the stock PA-28 you are talking about, but maked it flyable. This will also be the one used in the AI Traffic if replaced. It has highly reflective gold surfaces that look great.

Good fun 😉

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I tried using the PA-28 Cherokee that Flyaway linked to and the model works great except for the cockpit, which seems to use a Navajo cockpit with no tach. Any way I can add it in or change to say, a 172 cockpit so I can figure my power settings?



I too can't seem to fing the tacho on the PA28 Panel. But there is a space for one....how do I pop one in the empty space?


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