Rate of descent at touchdown

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I am a MS Flight Simulator user, and my favorite plane is Boeing 737. The most enjoyable moment is when I can touchdown at near 0 fpm. This rate of decscent is ideal, but I would guess not realistic to repeat all the time. What is a good rate of descent at touchdown? Could you answer this by filling in blanks below?:

Very good -

Good -

Marginal (yet acceptable) -

Thank you very much for your help.

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A low rate of descent is only a part of a good landing. Landing on the correct point is more important than a soft tonchdown. The VSI is not accurate close to the runway because it depends on changes in static (still) air pressure. The wing of an aircraft interfers with the surrounding air making the VSI inaccurate. When landing (the flare), you shoud look only outside the aircraft. Yes, near zero in good. 200-400 FPM marginal, over 500 is bad. Just my estimates, no data to support it. Land in the tonchdown zone( first 3000 feet of the runway), just below vref, on center line. Nomally you will tonch down about 2000-2500 feet down the runway in a large Jet if you line up with the large white (1000 ft) tonchdown markers. This will ensure that your gear has enough clearence over the theshold of the runway. Normal is about 50 ft. Don't forget to arm the spoilers so that they deploy upon tonchdown. Go to Idle thrust as you cross the end of the runway(50 ft.)

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Since I see a good answer has already been provided, I'll just say that it was a very good question that was asked. I wish there were more like this.

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In a 737 I always shoot for the appropriate touch down zone, but will try and be at +40 to 50 FPM right before touchdown.

- Jason M.

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Do a search, the question has been answered before here I think. I seem to remember Don Wood posting something about it. Anyway, 0 fpm is not really good from what I 've read. A firm (not hard) landing is necessary to deploy the armed spoilers (otherwise the aircraft "thinks" it's still in the air). I don't know what the threshold value is for that, but there you have it.

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These are FEM Opinion values only, based on personal experience + FsPassengers feedback

Very good - -100-150

Good - 160-200

Marginal (yet acceptable) - 220-250

Care should be taken, -100FPM is firm, but at the same time, gentle for your passengers. I recall asking a pilot after an exceptionally smooth landing what we hit at (He was suprised at my interest, but did tell me) he said we landed at about 150 FPM.

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