Repainting Aircraft Development tool?

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Is there a development tool or program that we can use to repaint downloaded freeware aircraft, preferbly an easy to use program for the beginner?

many thanks

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Have a look at this ➡

They have a free trial version. I'm not sure whether this is what you're looking for Dont Know

Regards 🙂

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

The Abacus FSRepaint program has a very basic inbuilt editor but as it has no multilayer properties without which repainting can be a very hit and miss affair. There is a facility to transfer the textures to and from a layered editor - Adobe or JASC are the most popular. It is essential that you have an editor with layer properties

I use FSRepaint's viewing facility - quicker that opening up FS9 each time to view repainting stages and very handy.

Nearly missed this post as I concentrate on the Repaint Section.

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cheers guys ill give them a try, many thanks 🙂

PS....should've had my specs on then i would've noticed there was a repaint section, ive been a member for over 2 years and never even noticed Embarassed

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