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cheekytrolly Guest

2 weeks ago, Air New Zealand did a fly-by low over the city I live in, Auckland, in the north island of NZ. The aircraft they were showing off was the brand spanking new Boeing 777-200 jet aircraft (Reg. ZK-OKB) which was on its maiden voyage from in Boeing's Everett factory in Seattle to Auckland International Airport, Air NZ's hub.

I usually fly GA aircraft, but because this plane is so special, the first of its kind to be 100% digitally designed, I was interested to see the flight simulator representation so I went ahead and downloaded it. (I got it from The file name is and its only 6mb)

My first impression of it was it looked fantastically new and shiny with its reflective Air New Zealand repaint, and was pleased to see ALL the doors open, as well as the cargo hatch and engine covers by pressing SHIFT+E.

I took it to the Brisbane International Airport, in Queensland Australia, planning to take it on a medium range flight across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand, then circle Auckland (like it did in real life) and fly over my house and local photoreal scenery, before touching down at Auckland International (NZAA) I couldn’t be bothered flying it all the way from Seattle, I have a limited concentration span- lol!

I departed at 15:08 local time and had a smooth takeoff, managing to lift the wheels of at 190mph. I climbed up to 20,000 feet and leveled off putting the autopilot on so that I could change to the outside view and take some screenshots of the outside in the clouds. I had a slight tailwind and managed to reach a an incredible top speed of 490kias (which is a whole lot faster than my old tiger moth :wink🙂

I reached Auckland at 20:07, and flew round the harbor nice and low, then was cleared to land on runway 23, the opposite end that I thought I was going to, so I didn’t have time to fly over my house. I touched down at 120 kias and held down F2 for all I was worth. I taxied onto the tarmac and parked up at the international terminal, dwarfing all the aircraft in sight!

It was a very enjoyable flight, but as I'm not one to fly these big jets, I don’t really know what to comment about. All I know is that for an aircraft of its size, it has great power, maneuverability, and most importantly, great looks! I would recommend it to any Air NZ or Boeing fan, as its the latest in its class and it looks so realistic, I couldn’t tell it apart from a real one (that I have seen with my own eye). So, if you do decide to download it, take some screenshots and post them here!


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jarred_01 Captain

Nice screeshots you have there!

P.S. The rego is actually ZK -OJA

Pro Member Chief Captain
Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Cool screenshots Andrew! Love the Aerolineas Argentinas A340 ❤️

cheekytrollyGuest Guest

Thanks for your comments ppl,

The rego is actually ZK -OJA

It is??? Well thats odd because my one definity says ZK-OKA! I havn't tampered with the aircarft CFG or anything. I took a screenshot to prove it:

I also know that ANZ currently have two operational, (with a further 6 more on order) prehaps ZK-OJA is the other 777?

Love the Aerolineas Argentinas A340

Yer, you see quite a lot of them in Auckland, and I also see them in the sim, thanks to 'Ultimate Traffic' 🙂


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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Aerolineas Argentinas flies the A340 to Auckland daily I guess.

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jarred_01 Captain

Sorry I stuffed up a bit.

What I meant to say was that ZK-OKA was the first 777 to be delivered to Air NZ (and performed the Auckland flyover), and -OKB was the second.

As for me saying ZK-OJA, I was thinking of the A320's.

My bad!

cheekytrolly Guest

Oh ok, I get ya! I am in the process of downloading all the Air NZ fleet, so far I have got the:

Boeing 747
Boeing 777
Boeing 7e7 (Dreamliner)
Airbus A320
Beechcraft 1900D
Sabb 340

I cant find a air nz 767 or 737, could someone give me links?
And are there any planes I have missed?


Pro Member Captain
jarred_01 Captain

Air NZ 767: (then search in the file library for 'air new zealand 767'. It is the third from the top.

Air NZ 737: There isn't an Air NZ one if you use the search term 'air new zealand 737' on AVSIM you will find a Freedom Air one.

Air NZ fleet:

Hope this helps,

cheekytrolly Guest

Cheers for the links man,
heres a quick screenshot of the 7e7, it looks sweet as!

As for a Air NZ 737, I know there is one out there somewhere coz I used to have it installed!

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