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Hi All,

I have just downloaded the avsim, Easyjet A319 airbus which I am looking forward to flying. I want to take off using AP, but everytime I apply the throttle, the plane takes off at 40% and stalls, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Can anyone please give me any pointers on taking off using AP? The 747 takes off perfectly, but the smaller planes don't seam to.

I am using the following settings:

Heading - Runway
Alt - 9000
V/S - 1800 (I have also tried 100 though, no difference)
IAS - 240
Y/D - On
B/C - Off
Auto Throttle - On
Flaps - 15
Weight - 50% fuel

Is there anything that stands out at being wrong?


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try less flaps and takeoff manually?

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leachus2002 First Officer

I do normally try to take off manually, but I would like to try an auto takeoff.

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No airplane takesoff with the autopilot. It may work in Flight sim but all aircraft takeoff manually. Flight director and even auto throttles, yes but no AP. 😳

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leachus2002 First Officer

Ok, thanks for the information.

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to perform a take off in my A319? I am finding that my rotations are quite jerky.

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Sounds like your not getting Full Takeoff power. Try turning off the auto throttles (AT) and setting T/O power manually. Everything else in your setup looks good. When you use AT, you have to hit the TOGA switch for T/O. On some aircraft in flight sim, this does not work properlly.

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