Takeoff/ Taxiing in High Winds

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What is the best way to takeoff with high winds (25 kts+)?
I'm currently using a Learjet 45.
I have tried to control thew plane during taxi. By the time I hit my takeoff speed my jet is all over the runway.
This happens even if auto rudder is checked.

Any help/advise is greatly appreciated.

Thanks. 😀

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

First, try to make it possible to take off with the wind. It's easier than crosswind takeoff, and less dangerous. Just be sure to use gentle control movements, and use differential brakes once in a while if just rudder doesn't work.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

First, get a headwind if at all possible like fem stated. If that is not possible, (I've never tried that before but you can) Give one engine full power then reduce the other to 85% N1 so that it can help keep you on the runway. I would use 20 degrees flaps too so that you can get off the runway faster. Good luck.

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Every aircraft has a crosswind limit this includes TO as well as landing. 25kts may be the limit for the Lear ....don't know. Basically with the use of rudder and aileron you should be able to keep straight. By lowering thrust on an engine this will screw up V calculations and make flight awkward once airborne certainly if the other engine goes bang which you should always plan for. Start the roll with aileron full into wind anticipating rudder to keep straight. As you get further down the rw use less and less aileron aiming to be wings level when airborne keeping straight mainly with rudder. Please note this is basic example and differs with ac.

Bird 125 Guest

This is a great site with many helpful suggestions from many knowledgeable people.


Bird125 Guest

So it is not always helpful to start a flight on the active runway.
Will ATC direct me to a runway suitable for take off?
If so awesome!
As you can tell I'm new to the Flight Sim Game and I'm addicted.

Thanks again.

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TO and landings should be as into wind as possible. You can get the wind direction by listening to ATIS. If the wind is 250 (direction) at 15 kts (strength) you would be looking for a rw with a heading of 250 or near to this....if there isn't one then you go with the xwind if you are within limits.

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Bird125 wrote:

So it is not always helpful to start a flight on the active runway.
Will ATC direct me to a runway suitable for take off?

In the Create A Flight menu, where you select your departure airport, there is a drop-down menu near the bottom where you can choose the runway, OR a gate or parking area. If you don't choose to start on the Actice and ask for clearance to taxi and depart, they will direct you to the Active anyhow.

Doesn't mean you have to ask, or do what they tell you, though. 😉 That's the cool thing about a simulator, you can do what ever you want to do-- if you want to take off from the parking lot and and do barrel rolls all the way to Chicago, you can do that. 😂


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