No ATC sound - all other sound fine... FS2004

Meandthetribe Guest

Have FS2004 running on
P4 3.06Ghz
ATI 9200 graphics.
windows XP

Cannot get ATC audio to work. See the messages in the ATC window, hear the aircraft sounds, engine, cabin, etc. Turned ATC volume in settings to 100%, no effect.

Uninstalled FS2004 and re-installed, same problem.
No other programmes have been installed since FS2004.

Any ideas?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Umm... This is odd Umm... Try clicking settings then Air Traffic Control and see how many pilot voices are selected and then check that ATC is ticked in sound

Let us know

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ronaldpatton Trainee

Idea One option on the control panel is sounds. Go there and make sure that the ATC box is checked and the sound level is turned up to around 80. That might just be the problem.

meandthetribe Guest

thanks for the suggestions - i've already done all of this.
as for the number of piltos i can see when in the ATC selection i can select from pilto (0) to pilot(9)
Just to be clear, i cannot hear "my airplane" talking to ATC, or ATC talking to me or any to any other airplane. All other sound works fine. Outside of FS2004, all audio is fine (CDs DVD's etc

This is very depressing without ATC sound.....

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You are pressing the symbol "~" key to the left of #1 aren't you and then following the list of directions in the window.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕 This is strange Dont Know I found this about fs20002 and right down the bottom it says this artical applies to 2004 Blink;en-us;177252

Try that and let us know

Good luck

meandthetribe Guest

Now fixed, all is correct and working as expected.

Had to do a complete re-installation of Windows XP, nothing else worked. thanks for the tips anway

WJT Guest

hello, the problem is probably missing of msapd32.acm in Windows\system32 catalog

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