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Keyboard causes Video Freeze

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Though generally running fine, I am having an occasional problem with video breakdown. Specifically, touching any key on the keyboard freezes the video. It starts slowly--just a brief hiccup--and within a few minutes degrades to where any keystroke freezes video cold (for as long as you hold the key down). You can imagine how this affects trying to smoothly trim your flight.

The dirty solution is to exit FS and re-launch it. Has anyone else seen this and cured it?

(Pentium 1.6g, 512ram, ATI Radeon 9800)

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Hi brooke....Never heard of that happening.....WOW....

Try Anazyling your C Drive and defrag it......

See if you can free up some space on it...Are you running XP..?????

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XP...all the Norton utilities running frequently to clean up the hard disk, including weekly defrag (when fragmentation exceeds 5%)

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Confused Try shutting down Norton(and all other non esential progs)
Norton hogs a lot of system resourses
Also shut down and unplug/replug the k/board(I know,but you never know) Think

Let us know

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When it happens, have a look at the task manager and see what program (apart from FS) is hogging the CPU. Also, do you have the latest system (motherboard chipset...etc) drivers?

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Download this Belarc Advisor" it will give you a detailed list of every part and program on your computer. That way you can find out the type (model) of your motherboard.


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