Air Crash Investigation

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pearlygatesuk Trainee

OK, call me a sicko if you want,

Does anybody know where I can get hold of the series aired by National Geographic channel entitled "air crash investigation". The program intrigues me and I watch them again and again.

I mean its interesting to know what keeps a plane in the air sure but what causes them not to stay in the air I find even more interesting
Many Thanyou's


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Jamie Robson (Jamier) First Officer

sorry dont know but i do know they are on the channel georgraphic channel or history channel.

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atreyu Captain

have you checked there website, maybe theres a place to buy dvds of the shows

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sonicninja First Officer

Ive seen these episodes advertised on thier tv channel all week, maybe you could record them from there, failing that ive also seen them on ebay

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