a hand held GPS for B200?

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My Favorite Beech B200 does not have a moving map on the Cillins GPS, and I don't quite like the funky Collins GPS. I like Garmin much better. My question is, how can I get a addon handheld Garmin when I fly this plane? I am talking about sim of course..

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You can add it by adding a window to your panel.cfg 😀

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can you be a little bit more specific? I have no idea how to do this...thanks a lot

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There is a way to add a window to your plane's panel.cfg and to include the default MS GPS. Unfortunately, I don't have an example for you.

If my memory serves (it doesn't always), there is a hand-held GPS out there. You might want to check or

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Doug "Grumpy" Attrell wrote a nice tutorial. I haven't tried it in fs9 but would not hesitate to do so if the need arose. I may have misunderstood your query - if so, ignore this. If not - ➡

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nottobe wrote:

can you be a little bit more specific? I have no idea how to do this...thanks a lot

Sorry about the short answer. Embarassed Tailhook pointed you to a pretty good porceedure it is very simular to what you would do with fs9. If you would like additional help I will try to answer later today as I am at work and do not have the simulator available for reference. 😕

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Just in case you would like a better explination on fs9

Make changes with fs9 not running if you have it running and want to
tweek the numbers change to a different airplane before making change
and do not save a flight before you have what you want.

Entries for panel.cfg
[Window Titles]
//add next line under window titles
Window02=GPS // window number next available if not 02

// add following lines changing the 02 to the next window number
// it can be inserted before [VCockpit01] if ther is one

position=2 // this positions the window in 9 positions upper left is 0
// lower right is 8
BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 // makes back ground invisable
VISIBLE=0 // not visable on start up the window number will identify
// the key to open, shift 2 would open this window

gauge00=fs9gps!gps_295, 0,0 // gsp gauge

[End of entries to panel.cfg] this line not part of the addition

a // in the line allows comments to be added to the code you can leave
the comment in or delete them out from the // to the end of the line is ignored by the program

Happy flying 😀

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christmas eve I got this present: Garmin 295 handheld GPS for my Aeroworx Beech Kingair B200.
panel.cfg file change successful!
Thanx so much lkw, I am gonna save this script for other aircraft if they dont have a GPS....merry christmas...

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Your welcom. Happy New Year!!

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