Help me pls to land my plane

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I am still struggling to land my plane I can take off the plane without problem but landing is a problem I am flying 747.. I have my default flight from Toronto to Delhi but on approach i cant land and crash the plane I don’t know what did i do i really want to land the plane... Pls help me any body pls
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Look at this , it helped me out alot.

also may i suggest just practising with the default 737, circling and landing.

vicky_sokhi Guest

Thanks for replying back... I am also confused in GPS/NAV when i take off from the airport after the desired alt is set i switch to GPS and app is activated then the plane follows the course which displayed on GPS... is that OK or I am doing someting wrong bec when I switch back to NAV plane get ot of course and hard to handle

Pls tell me what is the correct process....

Thanks once again

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The 747 is a hard plane to land because of the weight and mass of the aircraft. Did you start with smaller planes or did you just start with the biggest plane in the program? During enroute GPS or VOR navigation, NAV should be used. APP is approach mode. With both on, APP mode is armed. APP is used to fly ILS and Loc approaches.

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m8 im 12 and i know how to fly a 747 but it could b coz of the weight of it and press y and line ur self up for prectice thats wht i used to doits easy and press f2 must allways press f2 wen ur landin :p

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Oh dear God not this "txt" speak, the only thing worse than this garbage is that "leet" you see around.

Anyway, in response to your problem, firstly, take the flying lessons. They will teach you the basics. Then, you apply the knowlege you gained SLOWLY toward larger and larger aircraft untill you can fly the 747 like a pro 😉

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Oh my goodness! I'm with you FEM. I don't even know what to say. 🙄


I suggest learning to land smaller aircraft by taking the lessons, and then applying ATP skills to the 747

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