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Hi, I guess I have to drop my wish to fly bec I am not able to land the aircraft... I can take off the plane very well navigate it and put the plane on APP mode with GPS but whicle approching to airport I cant able to land the airport what ever i did goes wrong I cant set the radio stack which can guide me so what happan is some time I missed the airport and sometime i fly pass the airport but cant land.... Pls help me in simple english what shall i do.... HOpw to hear from you guys soon... 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞

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First: Fly the Cessna, avoid the bigger planes.

Second: Take the flying lessons with Ron Machado included in FS2004. Don't start with the landing one. Take them all. Learn (or repeat) straight and level flight, stalls and recovery, take off, turns and then in the end how to land. They are excellent, in simple english.

Oh: Don't just fly the lessons, read them also (many people just don't).

Third: Do a search on this forum for "how to land" or "approach and landing guide" and you will find lots of useful advice.

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Don't give up! I really can't say much more than what Bindolaf just said, he's right. Don't under estimate Flight Simulator. It is very close to real flying and real flying is difficult. It's not a game in the usual sense. It takes real pilots along time to be able to handle a Cessna 172. Don't expect yourself to be able to just jump into a heavy Jet and just fly. Microsoft spent a large amount of time to get it as close as they could to the real thing and I can tell you that they did a fine job. Start slowly and apply yourself. You can do it. 😀

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