FSD Cessna O-2A Anyone???

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FSD has just released their Cessna O-2A (The military version of the 337 Skymaster). Does anyone have her or any of the FSD products that you can tell me about?

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I have the FSD Pilatus Porter. It's a remarkable airplane. Extremely short take off and landing capabilities. I can hover in about a 30 knot headwind. Good VC and good sound. Great detail.

I'm tempted to get the military "mixmaster".

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I'm waiting for the FSD Lockheed Jetstar 😎

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I have their Cessna 337 which is the civil equivalent. It's the plane I fly to relax.

Not the fanciest, but a good flying model with a unique appearance.

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I forgot to mention thast it has provisions to install reality-XP gauges in its panel.

I just got it. I'll give it a try and post my impressions here.

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Okay, I flew it for a bit. There is enough that is different from the 337 that I don't feel I've wasted my money (there is a discounted price for owners of the FSD 337. The panel differs from the 337. For one thing, it has a bunch of controls for its weapons system. I haven't explored this as of yet. I took it for a cruise at 12000 ft. It flies smoothly and has a nice deep rumble from its engines. It appears to have more power than the 337, but not overwhelmingly so. Since I have the Reality-XP Sandel SN3800, I was able to configure it to use it in its panel in place of the default HSI.

I'm going to enjoy flying this plane.

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