how do you fire the weapons in the Soko GALEB G-2A or can u

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can you fire the weapons in the Soko GALEB G-2A? how do you and what buttons you press? or can you 😂

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I have no idea, where did you get it, can you post a link so we can take a look at it.
(I doubt it)


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The only 'GALEB G-2A' I've ever stumbled across is this one ➡

Sorry, you can't fire any weapons. But what you can do is update the pilot's breathing ROFL

I'm really tempted ROFL


its at

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I have that in my folder, an excellent aircraft as good as any pay-ware.
Look in the folder marked "docs" and click on the hyperlink you can read all about the aircraft.
Here are the key commands, no guns.
Basic key commands

If you want to switch to the virtual cockpit, use key S, and Shift+S to get back again. In the 3D cockpit you can pan around, and zoom your view with keys +, -, BACKSPACE.

If you have view controls on your joystick, use it for panning view around. Default keys mapping for view panning isn't simple:

(CTRL +) SHIFT+Enter
(CTRL +) SHIFT+Backspace
(CTRL +) SHIFT+num 1...num 9

Ctrlt+E - Engine Autostart
- Throttle
- Flaps
- Rudder
- Ailerons
- Elevator
- Airbrakes
- Gears
- (Parking) Brakes
- Nav Lights, Flashing On-Off
- All Lights On-Off
- Cabin Lights
- Landing Lights
- Open/close canopy
- Eject

num 0, Enter
num 4, 6
num 2, 8
(Ctrl +) .
Shift+E (in air)


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ok then what are the gun switches for

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Do you see anything in the read-me about how to shoot the guns, nope. What are the gun switches for, they wanted to make it as close to the real aircraft as possible so instead of having a hole in the panel or stick they put the switches in.
This is a flight simulator not a combat game, if you want to have some good looking aircraft that shoot and fly get IL2 Stumovick, try the demo of the original.


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