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Trying to evaluate my system in preparation for buying a graphics card. I've read here that I should have at least 512 Meg of DDR RAM, not SDRAM. My Gateway computer specs indicate that my current 256 Meg of ram is DDR SDRAM. Is that double talk? Can I just add 256 Meg of DDR, or do I need to also replace the current 256? Thanks for your help.

-- Dave

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It depends on your M/B. they usually can hold more than 512mb, but don't go over 512mb if you are running W98. If you are running XP you can do it.

Call Gateway Tech and he'll tell you what you need. If you don't want to do that (it should still be free) use this form to find out what memory your board takes (Crucial).
Belarc tell you what board you have, so will PCPitstop and Crucial will tell you about the memory.

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