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Recently, I've experienced the same memory failure whenever I close FS9; "The instruction at "0x0253540e" referenced memory at "0x20d13930". The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program."
When I click ok, the program closes just fine and I do not have a problem starting it again. I've change the ram but get the same memory errors.
Any suggestions?
thanks in advance

p4 2800, 1gb ram, 120gb hd, 6800 GT video

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Faulty memory modules perhaps?

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Usually related to the swapping of files from memory to hard drive. Tends to happen when you have a low % of space remaining on the HD FS9 is on.

I suppose this is where you tell me you got loads of space left.........if so then run a disk check and defragment.
If you haven't got loads of space left then remove some programs/utilities/games you don't use and then run a disck check and defragment.

If it is neither the memory modules, remaining space or HD condition then it could be a faulty HD but I doubt it.

Good luck.

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Except the above correct suggestions you can try this program ➡

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Thanks for the replys. I'm still looking into the problem and appreciate your responses, also still having the same memory errors, but always after I shut down, so I can still fly.

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