editing campaign thru xml-editor

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hi there, i hope hope you can give me some advice...

first of all: excuse my language, if i write anything wrong, i'm from poland and i don't speak perfect english. 😂

ok my problem is this:
the campaign in cfs 3 "fortress europe" can be edited with an xml-editor. if you open the file, you see many informations like time dates and coordinates. what I tried to do was to change the frontline by changing the position coordinates under "frontline". I tried it several times but it never worked when I finally started the game normally and
I don't understand why. Mad
is it possible at all to change the frontline (or any other campaign information) with an xml-editor?...and if yes, could you help me and tell me how? thank you... 😉

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Your English is fine, don't apologize.

See if this helps, the post 3rd from the bottom looks especially good.


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