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Load editing/panel merging

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I have the PSS 757. I want to add more repaints to the model but there don't appear many option.

Is it possible to use another model, say Posky, but use the PSS flight deck features AND retain the load edit functions of the PSS load editor?

I can get the panels to work but for realism I wanted the option of editing loads in order to vary a/c performance and realism? Failing that, is there a better way of achieving it?

Cheers guys!

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Not sure if that will work... I had a buddy trying to marry the POSKY 757 with the Captain Sim cockpit, but that did not work, I guess it depends on how PSS coded their planes.

I was able to (somewhat) successfully pair the PSS Dash 8, with a different Dash 8 model... but not all instruments worked well, and the VC was missing...

Experiment I guess, but keep a backup just in case things go sour.

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