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Does anyone know any airport numbers for some good Island hops. I was flying online a few days ago and was flying some wicked island hops, about 10 to 15minutes flight between the tiny islands, with some of them having some fairly decent mountains. It made for some very interesting approaches, but i cannot remember where in the world they are.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any good places, as im looking for some cool flights over LAN.

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How about -

Caribbean: Anguilla to Sint Maarten (Juliana) about 10 minutes
Anguilla to St Martin (Grand Cas) a bit less
BVI (Beef Island) to Saba around 15 mins and probably
one of the shortest runways around, tiny from the air
in a real plane.
Lots of others as practically every island has a strip

UK: Walney Island to Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man
Various offshore Scottish islands, one even on the beach.
Penzance (St Just) to St Mary's on the Scillies.

Grass fields are often a bit hard to find after takeoff and sometimes I have given up and flown off somewhere else - try Compton Abbas in the Cotswolds but watch the altitude!

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LGGG FIR (Greece):

Take off LGST (Sitia on Crete) and fly the northbound chain to:

1) LGKP (Karpathos)
2) LGRP (Rhodes)
3) LGKO (Kos)
4) LGLE (Leros)
5) LGSM (Samos - very hard approach in anything bigger than a Cessna)
6) LGHI (Chios)
7) LGMT (Lesvos)
😎 LGLM (Limnos)

Finish north at LGKV (Kavala) or LGTS (Thessaloniki).

Most aforementioned islands have 3-5 smaller ones around them, all with small airstrips and/or heliports, some really fun to fly through.

You can go back down south via the inner chain:

Starting at LGTS fly south:

1) LGSK (Skopelos)
2) LGSY (Skyros)
3) LGMK (Myconos)
4) LGSO (Syros)
5) LGSR (Santorini)
6) LGIR (Crete)

Again, most have smaller islands around them.

Greek scenery (excellent and free!) here:

Get the mesh and the base, then add airports, they have detailed instructions.


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Thanks very much, ill give some of them a try tonight.

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The Hawai'i chain has some good scenery.

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Okinawa Japan has tiny islands all around it, I can see a few of them when Im on the flightline 🙂

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This site is so good.

All you guys work really hard for the pleasure of other people

Thanks and congratulations



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