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Stunning Mayotte Island

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Francevfr ( have done another amazing job in producing thier latest photoreal island scenery payware package of Mayotte Island in the Indian Ocean.

This kinda scenery is perfect for people who really appreciate perfection, with so many details like "textures made from high quality aerial photography" and "Customized autogen" as well as "Full and realistic commercial and tourism AI Traffic based on real models and flight plans"

If your a GA pilot who loves to explore, you have gotta download this addon, it's only 29mb, and it looks absoulutly fantasic. I already have Francevfr's Corsica addon, and trust me- it is the best addon I have ever seen! The great thing about these photoreal island packages is that there are no visable borders between the amazing new textures and the crap default stuff, thanks to the surrounding water.

Checkout these screenshots below before you make your way over to Simmarket to buy it here: At only 15 euros, its a bargin!

I really think that Francevfr are THE best flight sim scenery company out there, but because most of their stuff is not in english, people don't tend to hear about it as much. If you have time, check out thier other fantastic titles such as "FLIGHTCORSE BASE PACK" and "LA REŚNION ISLAND" here:


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