a chicken!!!!!!!!

cadet mackey d Guest

on the lake behin renton mun airport (or something like that ) in america
get and anphibian plane and land in the lake behind it. When you've landed look at the tower view and make you way up the lake you should see a chicken on the shore!!! 😳 Surprised 😀 😎 😂 😂 if you've seen this aswell would you please tell me! And also once you've downloaded a plane where will the plane appear so you can drive it? Idea

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WarHawk42 Captain

If you installed it correctly it will appear in your list of aircraft. Depending on the download it may appear on it's own or in an existing folder.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The chicken is a sign on a fast food restaurant.


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sonicninja First Officer

mmmm chicken, now i see it on all my flights Drool

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