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ceetee Chief Captain

In the FSX preview on I saw a screenshot of this plane below called a 'Maule' that has landed on the snow:

I am just wondering if there is a good version available for fs2004, with or without snow ski's. I searched avsim just before, and tried to download one but it was 58mb!!! I would like something a bit smaller if possible.


flightcheck Guest

sry i cant help with the plane but i am just commenting on ur great sig, looks awesome 😛

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Sorry to tell you this but the download is bigger than you thought.
It's as good as pay-ware and well worth the time.
Get both the aircraft and the "fix" and you won't be sorry.


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Zach (ranald) Captain

WOW I cant believe thats freeware its great and well worhte the large download

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Downloading it now, looks good.
This will be the second largest file down I've had for FS9

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Before investing in the Carenado C182 this was my favorite GA aircraft. It is more than a pleasure to fly, and I almost never leave the VC! I think this is the only plane that I can say that about.

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ceetee Chief Captain

Wow that sure is a great website there RM, I have never been to FSNORDIC before but thier files look quality 😀 !

As i'm on 56k, downloading this file will be an over-nighter, which I will do tonight, but I am sure it will be worth it, it looks fantastic!

And Liono, I can't belive you havn't downloaded bigger files!!! There is so much good stuff out there that has large filesizes, like VISTA AUSTRAILS, replacemnet scnenery for allllllllll of Australia. Its 62mb, freeware and available here:

Anyway, once I have the maule installed tomorow, I'l post a screenie of it here for you guys!

Untill then,

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Bindolaf Captain

I knew of FSNordic, they have great scenery and misc. Did not know about this plane - it is amazing! Another piece of proof to me that great add ons (ESPECIALLY GA) do not need to cost 20 or 25 dollars. Again especially if the "high quality manufacturers" (start with C but other letters as well, A you name it) use a LOT of default MS2004 gauges.

It's all about being an enthusiast. And while I will pay up to 30ish dollars (Flight 1 got that one right, their prices are good) for a really good passenger jet, I refuse to be robbed of 50, 60 or 70 dollars for something that should be free. A hobby. An amateur pleasure.

There, I said it (again). 😛


Well I downloaded all the three files and installed it, and its amazing! So much detail and variety!

The only problem is the speedometer doesn't work, it shows 0.0 kias all the time 😕

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ceetee Chief Captain

whoops that last post was by me, I just forgot to log in!

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ceetee Chief Captain

Just a quick update,
I have fixed the speedometer problem, just a random one off glitch on my PC I think. I've been flying this Maule all day round Auckland on the sim and it's fantasic- So easy to fly, very responsive and good looking.
I just thought I would include a few screenies I took with the ampibian version. 😀

I almost never leave the VC!

It's not that great, Francesims C207 is way better 😉

PS- is "Maule" pronounced "Mule" ?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Well, I'm just going on the pronunciation I hear in the states as "mall" (or "mawl", whichever phonetic spelling you prefer).

Glad you're having fun with it!

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