Autogen trees for fs2004?

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I posted the following in a news group, but I thought I'd post here as well, just in case someone here, who doesn't read news groups, might be able to help...

I confess...I'm a tree hugger! Several of my favorite places to fly
should, in reality, have very thick conifer forests. With the autogen
slider all the way to the right, forests are still quite
sparse...even in places where there should be thick temperate rain

I do have Gerrish Gray's trees installed, but as I understand it,
these are not really "autogen" trees, and are only used by specific
sceneries. I've tried Ed Truthan's "" autogen trees
(created for fs2002), and they look worse than the default autogen
conifer trees, and don't even seem to thicken up the forests as
advertised. there a file of autogen trees that really does thicken up the
forests, and also look really good in fs2004?


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You know of course about the "mesh" downloads released last seek at . One that I downloaded was about 440mb, and that was just for the western U.S. There are more, fantastic looking.

About half way down.

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Aloha Watersprite, If I understand correctly you would like some more Tree's in your scenery? If so just go to and go to the 2002 Scenery D/loads and go to Page 6 and download ED TRUTHAN's Auto Gen it is compatible with 2004 and it add's 4 tree's to every one in the default Settings,with no frame rate hit,unless you use the 1024 set. Hope this Helps, Ric

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Disregard the last statement, I did not see that you had already tried Truthans Tree,DUH!..... Embarassed Ric

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