No palm trees

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I have noticed after flying all over southern California that there are no palm trees. I thought that the new scenery was supposed to put "appropriate foliage" depending on where you are. I did see palm trees at Las Vegas, but none in San Diego. I've been to San Diego twice, there are a lot of palm trees. What gives?

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No, No! You shouldn't be flying that low.
I'll let it go this time but next time a report to the FAA. Yes


Wait until FS10 🙄

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

LOL RadarMan.....

I really like flying real low following roadways...And I mean like twenty or so feet off the ground......And dodging those pesky telephone lpoles they place in the middle of the road...... 🙄

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

The funnest thing in the world is flying low! seriously! Last night i had a dream someone gave me a Cessna, and all i did was fly low! It was SWEET! cause i could take off from my yard and not hit the trees!

Anyway, another fun thing to do is fly real fast, then gently land on the road and "drive" along it. You'd be surprised cause the road will sometimes dump off into a lake or stream.

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leadfoot First Officer

Hey guys, I'm serious. I have not seen one palm tree anywhere,---by the way, the only time I fly low is when I'm landing. There ought to be some palms visible from the airports. I've been to San Diego twice to visit relatives. There are a lot of palm trees there. Someone at Microsoft goofed.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

We're just kidding around. I live in California and I know that I can't see the palms either. Dont Know
I guess we trade off "bland" "generic" scenery for FPS. If they made the sim "photo realistic" you'd need a "Cray" to run it.
Some day the scenery will look as real as the aircraft are to fly, but until then we live with minor fixes and downloads.
I just downloaded and installed new runways and new easier to see roads. 👍

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Rambunctious First Officer

Yeah, I've noticed that there's only one duty free shop at BKK as well... 😉

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