What's up with my horizon?

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I saw one of Cheekytrolly's screenshots where the ocean horizon extends smoothly into the distance, but for some reason, the textures leading into my horizon appear jagged and ugly...even though I've got the draw distance cranked to the max! Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?

Here's a screenshot:

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Guest Ed Guest

I think that the dark green jagged edge is not the horizon; the horizon is the lighter blue/fading to white edge further out. That looks straight to me, in the image.

FS09 usually depicts the water directly under the plane as a darker color than the surrounding ocean, and it has those jagged edges-- not pretty, but better than perfectly straight edges, I guess. I see that all the time. Maybe someone else can suggest how to change it.

That's a cool plane, BTW. What is that?


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