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A DC-3 that loves to climb

Billies the One Guest

Flying along to my destination, the plane seems to have a tendency to climb, the wings on the artificial horizon dial lighting just *above* said horizon when I am not pushing the joystick forward slightly. Might I not have the plane trimmed? Could it be updrafts? Or do I simply have to adjust some setting so that the wings on the horizon gauge will align with that horizon, naturally, when I let the joystick alone?

any ideas?


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

It sounds like you have high power when you are trying to maintain the altitude which creates too much lift so you are climbing. You can try trimming the aircraft a little to stop it climbing so you can relieve pressure on the yoke or you can reduce thrust a little 😉

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WarHawk42 Captain

It doesn't sound like anything trimming the plane out wouldn't cure. The artificial horizon isn't that accurate, don't go by that, better to just adjust the trim until you achieve level flight. Your vertical climb gauge is a better judge of climb or decent than the artificial horizon.

Your altimeter is the final judge of whether you are maintaining altitude or not.

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