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Some time back I added a Hawker "Sea Hurricane" which came complete with a carrier apparently steaming very slowly across Scapa Flow - a pretty unlikely locale to fly off aircraft! It took off well enough but landing on the flat-top was quite another matter - I either missed or crashed into it.

So, I thought, try something slower and I substituted a downloaded Supermarine "Walrus" which is about as slow as you get (I once saw a real one take off near Ailsa Craig from "Illustrious" and it more or less fell off the end of the deck but staggered into the air) and I thought I just might manage to land this one on. The problem then turned into, first of all, "where has the carrier gone ?" - I duly found it and then tried to land the much slower plane but again I missed!

Entertaining but perhaps I was over-hopeful!

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If you enjoy carrier flying you might like this add-on.


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Interesting and I should think the question at the lower edge of the software box "are you up to the challenge" would certainly apply to me and at the moment I should think the answer would be "no"!

I still experience problems in landing as I note that I see the angle of the runway change, either left or right as I approach, making it difficult for me to stay on the centre line and this is with no wind too. Can't think where I am going wrong.

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I have the previous edition from Abacus: Flight Deck II. Never again. Looking at the current page of FD3, I see the same old chaos regarding Updates and Upgrades.

It's your money, but I would try out the available freeware packages first - you might find that after having executed hundreds of successful take-offs, you really would like to actually land - but can't. That's up to you and your skills, of course 😉
If you decide that carrier operations are not for you, at least you won't have wasted your money.

*You might also want to peruse this ➡ Read

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Thanks for your suggestion - the information contained at the location you gave me is very interesting.

I take your point about not being expensively hasty to acqure carrier operations. Until I'm spot-on 100% of the time I'm not likely to do successful landings, especially picking one of the wires. Carrier landings always have been nail-biting operations and apart from "Harriers" and choppers are likely to remain that way. I'm amazed that modern fast jets can be put down at all.

I remember very well seeing a USN film called "Fighting Lady" during the war that the RN showed to teenaged cadets in training - I think it had recruitment into the Fleet Air Arm in mind but I think the opposite was achieved as we looked with horror at a series of graphically-shown deck smashes!

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