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Yesterday Fly Sim Nation released a new carrier for free down load. This carrier has a working meatball, elevator, hard deck hanger bay. Deck camera for landings. The elevator is not a hard deck. You have to slew into the hanger bay. It also has a Bridge, LSO Platform, Working JBD's that you control. Air Boss area.

http://www.flightsimnation.com/ FSX Fleet was given a new carrier last night as a test carrier. I'm a member of FSX Fleet, and I can tell you the carrier is awesome. In reality it takes two people to run the carrier. One to land aircraft the other to work the carrier, and launch aircraft. The detail on the carrier is almost right to the last life boat.

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A mention that the carrier is useless for simmers who do NOT wish to partake in multiplayer would be useful 😉

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