What can be added in the next flight sim to make it mor real

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First things first!!

One thing i cannot handle in flight sim 2004 is the ROADS they look like dirt paths, and the ocean, i think it should look more too life, not little white wash, the waves should be breaking properly, and should have little surfers surfing and people walking around the streets.

Another thing is general aviation aircraft, i think they should have AI cessna's etc flying around doing circuits and aircraft training at selected airports! and there should be a FLYING SCHOOL u could learn to fly at, where u get out of the plane, do a pre flight inspection and complete ur lessons (optional), but also have the correct aircraft for the training!

My last major point is the airliners. at selected airports around the world we have ground people at the gatetelling the pilots which way to taxi with their little lollypop sticks, and there HAS to be gates that operate with people walking off, or flight sim sorry but i would have to give up on you totally! When the plane is getting ready to board i think it should be optional for the flight simmers to do calculations for the MTOW etc!


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everything changed in the new fsx. 😉
go and look at our general fsx forum,you should get some info there.

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I think the problem with this poster's ideas is that all he wants is eye candy, but nothing that has anything to do with flying.

If you are going to fly a 3 hour flight, of which the airport acounts for no more that 10 minutes, or fly over the ocean at FL360, then putting programming resources into these things is a waste of time.

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It's ok to have some eye candy, but for the Techs to spend a great deal of time on "Candy" and not substance, ie; plane interior, flight controls weather, different planes etc, is just a waste of valuable time

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