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kianok First Officer

Anyone have their favourite airport lists?

Spent hours as a newbie flying to my unimaginative airports and just wondered if anyone had a list of favourites

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

IMO, the most beautiful airport in the world.....TNCM -- St-Maarten, The Netherlands Antilles.

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PanAmerican Captain

My Favorite Commercial Airports: TNCM, KLAS, KBOI
My Favorite Military Bases: Nellis AFB, Area 51, & Edwards AFB

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

check out KGRR, Grand rapids airport. If you wanna fly near my hometown, head up to the Wexford Airport in Cadillac. I live in McBain, bout 15min from there. 😂

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Mustangfreak First Officer

KDFW is my home airport 😎

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beerbadger First Officer

mmmmm.......... EGLL. If you want to improve a airport search for scenery, ive got concorde at heathrow and everything now. =)

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

My favourite airport so far (I yet have many others to explore Wink) is Kastrup, the airport of Denmark's capital city Copenhagen.

It's big but it's still easy to find the gates etc.. it's very very beautiful - even the toilets are clean! They have rooms where you can sleep or just relax (with a very good view of the runway, parked airplanes etc.). The waiting rooms at the gates are also very beautiful, and always clean.

Oh, and when it comes to landing at airports, I've seen (on films and clips) that St. Marteen is very beautiful as someone mentioned

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Tailhook Chief Captain

kianok wrote:

Anyone have their favourite airport lists?

The list is a long one... but you gotta start somewhere.

VQPR -- if you don't try it, you're missing out ❗

Use a 737 😉

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

Tailhook, - I tried the airport that you suggested and used my posky 757. I couldn't get the aircraft off the ground!!! 😂 But I would fly to the airport with my Baron maybe instead 😉

Sico2 Guest

NUE/EDDN N├╝rnberg, Germany one of the nicest and most accessible
airports in Germany, awarded many times.


yeh that airprt is good

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hinch Chief Captain

kastrup, gothenburg ab and salzburg for the scenery. i like a few in sweden that i have downloaded some amazing add ons for.

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ceetee Chief Captain

Ah, there are so many...far to many to list, but here are my top favourites:

EGKA Shoreham (with just flight's payware addon)
5Z5 Kantishna (take off and fly at 144 towards Mount McKinley)
ENSG Haukasen (right in the middle of the beautiful Norwegian fjords)
ENBM Bormoen (close by to the one above, but in a vally by some lakes, which look particually good in summer)
4S2 Hood River (great VFR flying around Mt Hood and Mt St Helens with the Columbia River Gorge addon)
VNBL Baglung and VNBJ Bhojpur (The mountains in Nepal are amazing)
LFLJ Courchevel (right in the middle of the French mountains)
PHNL Honolulu (a nice big airport which is fun for island touring)
YMML Melbourne (or anyware in Australia with the vistaoz.og addon)
KCGX Meigs (Take a Tiger Moth for a spin over downtown Chicago at
sunset to O'Hare)

Try reading this page: It has loads of cool ideas for the best flying experience in the default scenery 😎

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I like anything Greek
Most of the airports have no ILS so its all by hand
Plus some good scenery helps ➡

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ceetee Chief Captain

Wow TTT,
I have never seen any greek scenery this good before 😳 It looks great!
I better download it and use it with the new Spartan I am getting 😉

Does anyone know of a good addon for Thessalonaki Airport?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

There is some for fs8 (2002) here ➡
Click LGTS on the right hand side of the page

and a fix for fs9 here ➡

Not 100% right but better than the default scenery

Its on the list of airports to be done on the other site

Remember most scenery for fs8 will work in fs9 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain

SteveT wrote:

Tailhook, - I tried the airport that you suggested and used my posky 757. I couldn't get the aircraft off the ground!!! 😂 But I would fly to the airport with my Baron maybe instead 😉

I haven't tried the Posky 757 from VQPR - I tried a 747 once... crash.
That's why I suggested the 737 instead, the largest one I managed to take-off in without tailstrikes or other disasters.

Head for VNPK using the map only, no GPS - handflying only. It's only a short flight - doing it a few times both ways will teach you a trick or two.
Clear your weather 😉

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Prozac919 Trainee

LICZ - Sigonella Sicily
LIRN - Naples, Italy
LIRA - Rome
LIPA - Aviano AB, Italy
EDDS - Stuttgart Germany
LGSA - Souda Bay, Crete
LTAG - Incirlik Turkey
OJAM, Amman Jordan
EGPK - Prestwick, Scottland

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earthqu8kes First Officer

0o5, Davis, CA. its always fun flying around home.
KORD, Chicago. IL. i go to chicago every summer always fly into ord.
fun fun fun...


I love New York's JFK International airport. The traffic is so busy there.


Kuala Lumpur is very nice and you can see the petronas towers after take-off.

St Maarten again is great to look at.

Copenhagen is always nice to fly out of.

Luqa on Malta has a nice approach and so does Male

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I rather enjoy VHHH for its shear beauty and size.

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