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I am an experienced 3d artist and i would like to build a plane for MSF2004. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial of how to gt a new plane into the simulator once it has been created in Max? It would also help to know the scale used. This seems like area i would like to explore. Any links, anything, is appreciated. Thanks.

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If you explore CD1 of FS9 there should be a programe called GMAX which most people use.


GMAX is the free version of 3D Studio Max. I do not need this because i own a real copy of 3D Max. Designing, building, and texturing the plane is not the problem. I need info on how to get that object into microsoft flight sim 2004.

I would also be curious how senery objects are placed in the game as well, but ill take what i can get.

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Sorry....that was me...

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Regarding your 'scenery objects' maybe you can find info pertaining to your quest here ➡

"how to get that object into fs9"

I'm not too sure where your problem lies. If you look at the structure of any free ware add-on... could you not package your creation the same way?

Unless you don't know how to install an aircraft - I can only guess - there's a Sticky up the top on this page.

If I completely misinterpret your request, I apologize.

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have a look for the microsoft SDK's for making aircraft, they come with a small program to compile planes and scenery into the right file type and also lists the parts you needs to make (flaps, rudder, wing, door etc).

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rbrneck Guest

thanks hinch. I think ive found what im looking for.

rbrneck Guest

also thank you radarman. Ill use that tut what i actually build my plane. Thanks all for your replies.

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