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Hi Guys

I have been having some problems with my fs9 recently, the simulator keeps crashing back to desktop. A few weeks ago, I was running v9.0 with quite a lot of downloaded freeware scenery installed. I had downloaded some Germany scenery as I wanted to do some European hops. Landing in Berlin, the simulator suddenly crashed and took windows with it. Next time I ran the sim, I reset the flight to the last save point, which was somewhere over Germany. After about 2 mins, another major crash, resetting my PC. Things got worse after that to the point where FS9 wouldnt even start, would crash on the splash screen.

OK, so I decide to reinstall FS9, this time the sim would freeze on the splash screen. Next I decide to do a complete reinstall. I deleted all my FS9 files in the Microsoft Games/FLight Sim directory, deleted Ultimate Traffic, leaving only my settings and saved flights in MY Documents. I reinstall the sim, download and install v9.1, reinstall UT. Next time I boot, everything is better, the sim loads up as normal. I have been trying to run previously saved flights however, and crashes have started again, not windows crashes, but desktop crashes, and Microsoft Error report etc. I tried to use flight planner earlier and I got an error message saying, please delete Fs9/Scenery/Ocen/Nv9oCENo.bgl then restart the sim.

Any ideas guys? What do you think could be causing the crashes, and what is the bgl file, I assume it is a Microsoft one but why does it need deleting.

I have 3400 AMd
1gb Ram
Radeon 9800 Pro

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Well there is something wrong somewhere(most probs the German scenery)
Anyways delete the "Flight Simulator Files"folder from My Docs and start again
Back up anything you place into fs9,especially scenery or texture files

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Why not do a search for that particular .bgl and delete it. I've done that for gauges that caused a problem.

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ooooooooooo boy! all these computer probs confuse me. 😞 sumtimes i get worried!

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redjay wrote:

...and what is the bgl file, I assume it is a Microsoft one...

You are right, according to Webopedia

.bgl Flight Simulator scenery file

So I figure that the authors of add-on scenery have to create their own .bgl files in order to be compatible with FS.

At the moment I have no scenery add-ons of any kind installed, yet I do have the following file: nv9OCEN0.BGL

I don't know whether the difference in spelling is relevant.

I would follow Radarman's suggestion and delete it after backing it up. Additionally, if you find that the file is needed after you've deleted it, I've uploaded mine which should be in pristine condition. ➡ http://s9.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1ZVX40IETQ1SG03PUWDKUTZK6M

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