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Almost done with Vatsim!!

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Hello all,
I'm almost done with Vatsim, however I have a few questions. I got almost everything going, and the little chatbox came up, along with the squakbox display. I wasn't, however, being able to contact ATC in any way. How do I find the correct frequency? Also, when I press CTRL, I get a little buzzing noise, then it goes away. Once it's gone, does it mean I can talk, and the message will be transmitted. If I could get these questions answered, I'd be the happiest pilot around. (BTW, Vatsim is the only form of Multiplayer that works with me, for some odd reason 😀 . Thanks!)

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

The ATC frequencies are shown in the right column of the SB3 window. If there are no controllers shown, than none are currently online for your location.

to actually talk on a voice channel. use the key assigned to push to talk. The default is scrol lock, but can be assigne to other keys.

You can tune your com1 radio to the freq. shown or use a "dot" command in the SB3 windo, such as: .com1 122.95 (or whatever freq. you neead. Note the leading "."

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Ah, I think I know what buzzing sound you're talking about. In order to use the "push to talk" key you have to be connected to an ATC that is qualified to recieve voice. After changing frequencies (if there are controllers around) you can see at the bottom of the box "connected to 122.80 on text & voice" or sometimes just on text. The on-voice part means you can push the key and just speak away, they'll hear what you're saying. When you get a buzzer, that generally means you're just connected to them on-text.

You may be disappointed at first by the lack of ATC (especially on weekday nights 😉 ), but if nothing else that simply tests your procedure piloting skills all the more!

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

If your looking for ATC try KLAX, they usually have people there, or try KSMO.

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Also, it may sound stupid, but it's not (I didn't know it at first) you have to keep the button pressed to talk. As soon as you release it you are no longer heard. So, as long as you push you talk. No push, no talk (or at least your talk is not heard".

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