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Just installed CFS3 on my Dad's PC.

Complains about outdated drivers and has no sound in flight.

PC is not that old - P3 800, 384Mb Ram, 16 Meg Pro Savage Graphics card, Via AC97 on board sound.

Sound in Windows and other games is fine.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Since the game is much newer than the computer the on-board sound card may need newer drivers.
You can either get them from the computer manufacturer (tech support-customer service) or from the motherboard manufacturers site.

You can, if you want, disable the integrated sound card and buy a new one, if you have an empty slot for it.


Steveadams Guest

Thanks for the reply - I'll try some new chipset drivers and see if that helps, but I'm begining to suspect that the game is beyond the PC.

Any suggestions for a similar (not as demanding) game? CFS1 wont work under XP apparentely and CFS2 is US/Pacific based - he's into WW2 Europe.


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Try IL-2 Sturmovik the original one if you can find one. Ebay might be a good bet. I played the Demo and bought IL2 Forgotten Battles but I liked the original demo better that the second version. The demo, this way he can try it on his machine.


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