How does the GPS handle intersectional flying?

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I usually fly VOR to VOR. When I do, the onboard GPS shows a line from origin to destination, connecting to all VORs in between.

Well tonight I thought I would try flying high altitude airways instead of VOR to VOR. I noticed that when I loaded up the flightplan, there was no "travel line" on the GPS. How does the GPS handle this?

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I just tried it on my computer and I have a travel or course line both on the GPS screen and on the Map mode screen. Try this:

1. Start at Create a flight
2. Choose Departure and Destination
3. Routing Type, IFR
4. Find Route (Edit route and or altitude, if desired)
5. Save flight plan
6. Go to your aircraft and press [ALT] select [Flights],[Flight Planner] on top menu.
7. Select [Load], choose flight plan and [OK].
8. Now when you go to your aircraft, select GPS and your course will be loaded into the GPS. 🙂

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