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The concorde was built long before any GPS systems were developed which is why the fleet never had them installed and instead had the INS which I assume all other aircraft had at that time. Because it was decided not to upgrade the Concordes navigational equipment to GPS could pilots have taken aboard a portable GPS system or would this have been foolish and/or prohibited?

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Pilots of the Concorde were trained in the use of the INS and obvioulsy enjoyed it or they would not be flying Concorde. The point I'm trying to make is that they wouldn't have taken a GPS system onboard not because it is foolish or prohibited but because there is no need. The INS was accurate enough for navigation to and from an airport so wasn't needed, plus, the pilots obviously liked the workings of the INS to some extent or they wouldn't work in such an aircraft - if they despised it so much, then they'd surely opt for a Boeing / Airbus aircraft in another company.

If they liked the INS and it worked then there really isn't any need for more technological workings onboard. Pilots of Concorde would have been used to the INS for many years before GPS so probably wouldn't have liked the new technology anyway.

Just some thoughts 😉

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Handheld GPS receivers are not certified for IFR use(primary navaid), they are only used VFR. They are great, especially during an electrical emergency but airline pilots or other IFR pilots can't legally use them in normal operation. 🙂

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