how do you upload scenery into fs2004?

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I wanted to ask how i would install scenery into fs2004. Once you have downloaded the zip file and extracted it to a folder on hard drive, from there do u copy and paste into scenery folder in fs9? The scenery folder in my fs9 folder is blank .

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k what i did was i followed the instructions that came with the scenery but i cannot figure out the final instruction which says to start fs9 and declare the 2 scenery folders eg,

'Start with the landclass (LFRD2004 LandClass) so that when you then declare the scenery (LFRD2004), it is positioned on TOP of the landclass on your Scenery Library list, as follows:

LFRD2004 LandClass '

When i go into my scenery library list , for priority 1 it says 'Add-on scenery' and ive enabled it. I have tried double clicking this folder and i have the option of locating scenery from the 2 scenery foldeers but nothing is there.

Question is, how do u declare the 2 scenery folders?

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