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I've been having some problems adding scenery, now fs2004 is crashing. There seems to be a lot of ways to add scenery--to your add-ons folder, to the main folder, editing the scenery.cfg file, adding through the settings. Some of them tell you to replace files deeper within the scenery folder. Whats the difference?

Specifically I'm having problems with USA Roads it seems. I think I might have to reinstall FS2004 to get rid of all the the 3rd party crap that I put in and forgot where it went.

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Welcome to the installation jungle of FS9 . 🙂 It gets better. I had to do the exact same thing you are contemplating at one point also. Use the Read Me's and print 'em out if you have to. Uses $$$ in ink but better than losing files in in FS9 somewhere.

Put some dedicated folders on your desktop or something like that so you have a path. When you are done with something just delete it. I also recommend the program called 'Sure Delete' to clear away large files I no longer need or care for. Sure Delete permanently removes all trace from what I hear. Clears the remaining space on the HD after delete.

We simmers always endeavour to recover as much space as possible and keep a watch on d/l'd MB. Can get seriously out of hand. Managing drive space is always a cost vs. benefit ratio deal. Don't worry to much about losing track of some of your stuff , we all have done it. 🙄

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I may be wrong but if you go into settings and take the checkmark out of the boxes then delete the folders for the scenery wouldn't that remove all that you put in.
Like you say there are many types of scenery and many ways that they have to be loaded so they show up properly.
Next time keep a list of all you put in.
I have USA Roads and it work fine but I've added very little scenery. Just a few airports and some mesh not in the US.


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😕 Just to confuse matters even more,if Fs is crashing to desk top,it may be a fault in the scenery.Check for updates.Does it crash when flying in a certain area?
This happened to nearly everybody who d/loaded the new Greek mesh.Everything was ok untill you flew over a certain point. A fix was issued about a week or so later

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