Heres some ex payware now FREEWARE scenery!

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ceetee Chief Captain

Here is a fantastic free download for all you GA pilots who like a little mountainous scenery: Mount Taranaki aka Mount Egmont volcano from “Godzone” New Zealand.

This file was originally part of a payware package by Robin Corn, but has now been updated covering a much larger area to fit the latest Geographx terrain mesh files and released as freeware!

I don’t even have any special mesh for NZ, but the results are simply stunning. I took an early morning flight from NZNP (New Plymouth) to NZSD (Stratford) circling the large volcanic conical base, going up to the 2518 metre summit, then gliding down around the foothills and lush countryside below.

This download is just 41mb that includes “40 x 50 kilometres of fully autogenned daytime summer photo-real textures” and can be found here:


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alohajoe First Officer

😳 OMG that is beautiful!!!. Down;oading it now. Wall Bashing its taking a while.

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ceetee Chief Captain

LOL was it worth it then alohajoe?

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jarred_01 Captain

Wow great find CT, looks very realistic too. 👍

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Pro-Sim First Officer

Mr Cheekytrolly,

you're becomming a bit of a star with these scenery finds ! This is the 2nd scenery that you've pointed out that is absolutely first class and getting a lot of flying on my system at the moment !

Good on yer' ! Right, let's get off down to NZ for some scenic flying 😎


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hinch Chief Captain

hey cheeky, what are your mip map levels on? my nz looks rather pooey Crying or Very sad

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ceetee Chief Captain

Hinch- my MIP mapping quality is on 4...I dont know what it means though?

And thanks Mr Pro-Sim, what was the other scenery you liked that I reccomended?

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nik_simpson Trainee

Yes Omg wow its awesome lol THanks s00 muchh

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Micah Captain

cheeky great find and great shots....again!! Poke in Eye 😉

Micah 😉

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nik_simpson Trainee

lol where is the nearest airport located to this mountain i cant find the mountain 😞!

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ceetee Chief Captain

I took an early morning flight from NZNP (New Plymouth) to NZSD (Stratford)

Nik, please actually read the post before posting questions... the answer is already above 🙄 Rules Doh!

I am actually driving down to this mountain today, it's 5 hours and 360km away from my house! I hope to get some photos of the real thing uploaded of the real thing when I return on Monday, so you guys can compare the two, and see how amazingly realistic this addon is!

Bye for now

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ceetee Chief Captain

... Well I am back now, and as promised, here is a photo I took from the base of Mount Taranaki (Also known as Mount Egmont)

Unfortunately, the peak is covered in cloud and the closer I got to it, the angle of my line of sight grew more and more acute untill the peak disappeared completely behind clouds.

You can read a full trip report here if your interested:

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