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I'm going through the lessons in FS2004, but have come across a few problems.

1. I'm on climbing and descending and I'm sure the altmeter is reading wrong. The instructor keeps telling to fly to 3000 or 4000 feet but it's reading around 10 past 1 o'clock on the dial!?

2. It say alway ALWAY, pitch 1st then power then trim. But in the later lessons it says adjust the power THEN pitch - which make more sense to me. So which is it?

3. It states that pitch is for airspeed and power is for altitude. But surely changing one will effect boh airspeed and altitude?


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1. Press B to ensure that your altimeter is set to the correct barometric setting. The altitude I think that you are saying is about 1,200 ft. you need to climb to 3 or 4 thousand. Big hand on 12, little hand on 3 or 4.

2. You can set pitch or power in whatever order that you like or even at the same time.

3. Correct that changing one will affect the other. What they are saying is that in a constant airspeed climb, you vary pitch to maintain the desired airspeed. The amount of power will effect your climb rate (Altitude change). Same principle for descents.
Checkout Chapter 3 in The Airplane Flying Handbook

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