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ILS does not work in a snowstorm

Amigaguy Guest


I am trying to land (ILS) a 747 on Evenes airport (ENEV) in a jolly good snowstorm with very low visibility.

For some reason the IAS shows zero airspeed.
The autopilot approach seems to be heading the right way at first, but as it gets closer to the airport it just keeps turning wildly from left to right, left and right, and so on.

Sometimes it seems it's just heading straight into the ground and I have to pull it back up.

I am using the ILS the same way as I do in clear/rainy weather and it works fine in those conditions.

I usually land with 160 knots, 30 degree flaps, but since the plane doesn't seem to know how fast it's going the autopilot just goes mad Smile

Any ideas?
Could it be a bug in Flight Simulator or something else?

Pro Member Captain
John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

It could be as simple as flipping on the de-icing and making sure your Pitot Heat is on. The last step is especially easy to forget. That sounds like the culprit if your IAS keeps dropping to zero!

Amigaguy Guest

Thank you, that worked very well, perfect landing Smile

I had to find the shortcut for pitot heat since I couldn't find it in the control panels.

I hit Shift-H and after a little while the IAS returned to normal, however I can't see any indication on the control panels if the pitot heat is on or not.

Where is it located?

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