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FsPassengers question

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Question regarding FsPassengers:

Do you hear the flight attendants do the pre-flight safety demonstrations and stuff like "The captain has turned off the fasten seatbelts sign, indicating it is safe for you to move about the cabin..." and stuff like that?

I'm not really interested in the game aspects (money, passengers' reactions, points, penalties, etc...) but it would be nice to hear some of these sounds we're so used to hearing as passengers ourselves....just makes flights a bit more realistic and a little less boring IMO.

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Yes you do hear these type of things! 😀 😉

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There is a free d/load available if all you want are the cabin announcments

This panel has them and its fairly easy to add the switchs to other panels ➡

greg 737

Search avsim under panels

There are others,again use the search for cabin announcments


you can only hear the flight attendents while in the cockpit ...

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