need crack for version 1.1

Gust Guest

i need a nocd crack for lockon 1.1 please
if you have one please publish here :X
thanks to the helper 🙂

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I am not aware there is a nocd crack for lockon 1.1.

Try and verify that one exists, and we'll do a little search for you 😉

169th_Fudd Guest

Well you wont find one... Starforce does it's job well

Here's a small piece of advice... find the nearest body of water...walk to it...wade into it... and move up and down several times to wash the sand of your Censored and your wallet... then proceed somewhere and BUY the damn game...

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I legally own two games... registered and all, yet I still decided to get the 'No-CD cracks for them'.

Do you actually know what this is all about? Read Idea

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fourby First Officer

Why do some folk always take the attitude of, because someone is looking for a no-cd crack, that they dont legally own/bought the original game/sim/software/whatever ??? How many of us own FS9 and have the no-cd crack installed to save wear and tear on disc 4 ??? I do. Yes, some folk do have copied games/software, and like it or not, I think that illegal copies of software/games/music/movies etc is always going to be around. Me/you not buying it wont stop it will it 169th_Fudd ??? I think we've done this subject on the forum before anyway.

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