No CD crack problem with addon scenery!

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Please is anyone else having problems with FS2004 crack that is available and discussed in ?
My version opens FS2004 without a problem and no cd installed BUT the scenery library is not in the menu anywhere?

According to documentation from the scenery designers i need to load their scenery into Addon Scenery directory in its file e.g. Canaries_fs2004, however the next stage is to activate it in Scenery Library...... and i seem to be missing mine!
Not in any drop down menu, or Options>settings at all?!!

If anyone can help me out here, I would appreciate it!
Anyone else have this problem, cant see comments here on it!
Thanks for your help guys, Appreciate your comment.


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You don't see the "scenery library" button in the settings?

I've also the No CD patch installed and not having any problems with it. Maybe it's another bug. Have you tried to reinstall yet?

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😕 Hello Kasser
Im confused,when you open fs9 and say select choose a flight...... the settings button should be bottom left of your screen,clicking that will give you the option for scenery library(again bottom left)
Clicking that gives you the settings for scenery ie add/remove

Have you got those options? If not shut fs9 and click my computer and select explore......then C drive then programs then down to ms that,then open fs9....from the tree that opens your scenery folder should be the 2nd folder if not then you've done something else and its time for a reinstall(one of the earlier fs versions had a repair option if you uninstalled with cd1 in....i dont know about fs9 but worth a look)
Good luck and let us know if you sort it out/or come back to us

Happy landings 😀

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rob (Habu) First Officer

There is NO connection between the Crack file and your problem...all the crack file allows you to do is start without CD#4 in drive. rob

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