intercepting the localiser?

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Does intercepting the localiser simply mean 'turning onto runway heading'. I realise in the 737 you should be at flaps 5, 180kias at this stage.

But at what distance from the runway? Because theoretically you could turn onto runway heading at any distance. Are there any indications displayed on the PFD?

Thankyou for any help in this matter. As you can tell I am a pretty new virtual pilot and rely on guys like yourselves to help me out.

Keith Sandford

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I'm not really sure..I'm pretty new at this myself...Stick around though,there are many helpful experienced flyers here..

I usually fly A/P....So when they turn me into the runway they just tell me that I am to remain at my altitude until established on the localizer....This is usualy around 8-18 miles...

So I think it means hold your altitude until you are on glide slope.......Not real sure though....good luck......Mason

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When you are near the airport atc tells you "American 05 you are 30 miles from the airport, turn heading 010 decend and maintain 2000 until established on the localizer". This means you are doing an ILS landing and should have the correct ils frequency for your runway on NAV 1.
Usually you can pick up the localizer from about 20 or so miles out. You can find ILS freqs. on the map(just click on the airport).
Usually as soon as atc tells me as above I hit APP(approach) on the AP and then the plane will line up with the runway by itself and the decen onto the runway. At about 800ft turn AP off and just glide down smoothly.

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turn to the heading they tell you to, (this will typically be 30-40 degrees off the runway heading).
put the ILS frequency into the NAV1 and change the course selecter to the runway heading.
you will see the purple line on the nav one at an angle to your current heading.
When the purple line starts to move to the center, turn towards the runway heading. you should aim to be on runway heading at the same time that the puple line is vertical and in the centre.
now just wait for the guideslope indicator to start coming down and when it gets into the centre start to drop the nose and follow it down.
dont forget flaps, gear lights.

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In most cases you use a 30 degree intercept angle to final approach heading. When I fly the 737 I usually line up with the runway at about 6000' agl about 20 miles out. Then I start hanging out the flaps I'm usually at 250 kias when I start my approach. By the time I an at 1000' agl I'm doing around 160 kias. I come over the fence at 140 to 150 depending on weight. This is standard procedure on a strait in approach. If the active is at right angle or opposite my heading then I intercept at about 15 miles out. By then I'm about 4500'agl flaps at set at 5.

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