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When you arm the speedbrake does it mean that the aircraft will automatically use it if and when it needs it or does armed mean it is on until you stow it?

Keith Sandford.

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SlipStream.....I won't swear to this...But I believe once armed it is engagded....

To find out for sure just hit the arm switch and see if your nose comes up and your airspeed drops.....

Or..... watching the plane from the external view hit the switch...You will see the speed flaps rise......

Hope this helps......mason

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😀 Hello
If you arm the speed brake it will deploy the spoilers on landing(dont forget to set the auto brakes)
Great for watching replays

Hope it helps

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Really????? I didn't know that........WOW Cool.....Thanks TTT.....

I stand corrected......

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Any time you select speedbrake (using the '/' key) the spoilers are immediately deployed. That is, of course, if you aircraft is so equipped. And yes, you can see them when in spot view, either airborne or on the ground.

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So as not to confuse: there are two ways to deploy the speed breaks.
1) using the '/' (forward slash) will activate the speed breaks immediatly. Use this to lower your speed quickly when you have need to do so. or,

2) Arm the speed break. This will cause the speed breaks to deploy on landing to stop the aircraft. Do this as you start on final as part of your landing check list. 😀

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I set a button on my joystick to arm them
Then when im on final i push the button and as soon as you touchdown,up they pop

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😀 Good idea
And for take off if you arm them and set the auto brake to RTO (reject take off) they will deploy and brakes will apply as soon as you cut the power
(arm them after you apply power for takeoff)

Hope it helps


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Try-out the ARNZ BAe 146QT (or the BBN one). The Airbrakes at rear fuselage are brilliantly done and come in very handy when you screw-up an approach by coming in too hot. Great way to dump a lot of speed in a hurry.

The ground handling truck with its cargo is pretty good too - on the ARNZ one. Just something to 'play' with. 😀

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