Throttle and Brake not working right.

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The manual brake (not parking brake) is stuck on will not release whit the . or left mouse click this means of course I can not set parking brake. Also the throttle is what seems to be running as if it where set with ground control. These problems are the same on all aircraft. On less powerful craft the brake will hold them back, on more powerful not so. The more powerful craft will run at about 25 mph (this why I said runs like set on ground control) You can slow it a bit by holding down F1 and speed up holding F4 or F3 but throttle levers jump back and fort, and return to about 1/4 position when I release. I have managed to get a couple of aircraft air born and found that autopilot does not hold altitude or speed settings, only heading and GPS.
This is what I have done to try to fix it myself. ( I have FSX Deluxe/Acceleration) I have run repair on both, no help, next complete uninstall and reinstall, no help I than ran both though Revo Pro uninstaller and removed all trace files. Than I reinstalled both witn no change. Next I have a regular FSX and uninstalled Deluxe And installed regular FSX, same$#@%&*_)ing thing!!!!! Does anyone know a fix. I do not thing new Disks are the fix Mad

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Nothing is wrong with your disks.
It sounds as if your joystick is either broken or just not operating correctly.
If you are just using keyboard commands they probably aren't exact enough.
A joystick is the way to go, they are not that expensive.


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I have never used anything but the mouse and I checked the setting and nothing wrong there. Checked the mouse yoke box

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Try changing USB port and see if that helps.
I used a joystick for years then went to a Saitek yoke and pedals.
I wish I still had the joystick, don't care for anything else.

Good luck, I hope the change does it.


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JAMES H BERRY (jimmyberry) Trainee

Thanks I will give it a try, been thinking bout trying one anyway

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